Kerrick Long

Director of Software Engineering

(573) 200-6339


I’m passionate about solving problems, both through products and process improvement. I love to ship software that has impact, and I love doing it with a team working at peak efficiency. I believe we choose what we build and how we build it, so let’s make the right choices and make a difference.

Employment History

Upland Software

  • Director of Software Engineering, Upland Second Street

    • Lead the product and teams through an acquisition, including personnel and process changes
    • Teach others the best parts of Second Street’s processes while learning the best parts of Upland’s
    • Continue to ship software through turbulent times of people onboarding, leaving, and cross-training

Second Street

  • Director of Software Engineering

    • Take ownership of implementation, testing, and maintenance for Second Street’s software platform
    • Innovate processes to increase velocity, reduce waste, and multiply productivity for engineers & QA
    • Advise co-owners and corporate leadership from every department on technical product strategy
  • Engineering Manager, Front-End Engineering

    • Recruit, hire, and train software engineers from junior to senior level
    • Establish and steward mentorship programs, goal-setting, and other career activities
  • Lead Front-end Software Engineer

    • Identify and eliminate roadblocks, process bottlenecks, and other inefficiencies
    • Mentor and train junior developers, improving their skills and productivity
  • Senior Front-end Software Engineer

    • Mentor and train junior developers, improving their skills and productivity
    • Participate in the design and development of white-label web software using agile practices
  • Front-end Software Developer

    • Employ best practices in user experience design and front-end web development
    • Develop across browsers and UI paradigms to make our clients productive and profitable


  • Software Developer


    • Design, code, and deploy websites for clients including small businesses and individuals
    • Develop open source and proprietary software to fulfill internal and client needs

Southeast Missouri State University

  • Student Developer

    • Triage internal support requests for the web team
    • Develop and help design comprehensive website redesign